Leaving is My Colour


‘I hadn’t spoken to Mother in years. Not since she tried to poison my father with lawn fertilizer. She thought he was sleeping with another woman. Because he didn’t die, he was able to explain to her that he was actually sleeping with another man.’

Set in the Southern US, this is a funny, smart, sassy and deeply moving account of a young woman’s disintegration and redemption.

After her family becomes unexpectedly wealthy, Rachel, a witty, intelligent young woman, succumbs to drink, drugs and OCD, falling in and out of rehab and dysfunctional relationships.

Leaving is My Colour follows her often hilarious, always bittersweet, attempts to make it back from the brink and reconnect with those she loves. A brilliant and unforgettable new voice.

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Praise for Leaving is My Colour




“Very funny, fizzing with one-liners and sparkling with a febrile wit.” – Daily Mail


“There’s nothing romantic about this darkly witty road trip through the bumpy highway of a young woman’s mind. Instead, its about the anti-romance of reconciling life and love, finding your place in an imperfect family, and the way our flaws are exposed and exploited by the people closest to us… If… you want a  book that is as honest, fractured and occasionally as hilarious as life itself, Leaving is My Colour will look good on you.” – The List


“Relentless, delicious mischief spills from this family’s eye-popping dysfunction. Whipsmart and wickedly witty – as Rachel careens towards rock-bottom, no-one who tries to get near her stands a chance.” – Kate Tough, author of Head for the Edge, Keep Walking


“A roller coaster ride of droll wit, and often laugh out loud one-liners, Leaving is My Colour puts us inside the head of four-times-married and love-starved Rachel… The book is written in a non linear way, yet comes together as a seamless, and very funny, whole.” – Maureen Vincent-Northam, author


“Loved it! The narrator, Rachel, takes us on a tartly funny journey through her life, in which she has lurched from one bad decision to another, barely stopping to pause for breath. ‘Halloween, 1969. I was born. My three-year-old sister wasn’t happy. Julie had asked for a puppy and they brought me home instead.’ It’s all downhill from there, as Rachel wisecracks her way through disappointments, many self inflicted. Often laugh-out-loud funny, Amy Burns has the word skills and timing of a stand-up comedian, while pulling off the difficult act of dealing with the serious subject of mental health with both humour and sensitivity. A great debut novel from an appealing new voice.” – Nicola Tayor, author and creative writing tutor