Flash Fiction Writing Prompt #1

Sometimes, when I’m feeling anxious or in need of a distraction, I search for a quick writing prompt and just let the words fly with no thought, no planning. Here is the result:

Flash Fiction Writing Prompt #1

A straight-A high school student falls in love with the troll who lives in her locker.

Heavy rain fell at Wicklow High School. Leaves from a shedding Sugar Maple clogged Building Three’s gutter and overpour sheeted the windows.  Inside, a warning bell sounded, the halls emptied, and the second period began for all students except one. Mattie stood at her locker. She leaned in so that her forehead pressed against the cool metal.

“I thought we were going to run away together,” she whispered.

The troll who lived in her locker held out his pocked hand.

Mattie grasped tightly, “You promised,” she said.

The faint smell of lingonberry and wet soil wisped as the troll shifted his weight onto Mattie’s Intermediate French book. “I just can’t,” he said.

“But I don’t understand. You said you love me.”

“My family doesn’t approve,” the troll admitted.

She looked hurt, and tears began. “But I’ve got straight A’s this year, and I’ve never been in any trouble. Why wouldn’t they approve of me?”

As the troll searched for the right response, Mattie let go of his hand. She said, “I’ll never give up on us. I’ll go talk to your family, and I won’t leave until they like me.”

She slammed the door of her locker and hurried away. The troll sat there in the mostly dark, thinking of Mattie and the figure she’d cut as she walked up the craggy hill to his family’s cave. He imagined the sweet sound of her voice as she called out for them. He knew they’d like her. Probably with cabbage and carrots.

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