Glasgow: Wandering Around Kelvingrove Museum

This magnificent beast is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Sure, the photograph is really just an app’ed snapshot from my iPhone but, hand-to-heart, it didn’t look much different in person. So imagine spring, 2013…

My vantage point was a spot in Kelvingrove Park where I was also watching my springer spaniel get up to springer spaniel things. This was Glasgow at its finest: four-seasons-in-one-day. Toward Kelvingrove the sky was blue, purple and blackish while behind me theUniversity of Glasgow towered and the sun was shining.

The near fluorescent green was new growth on the trees and notice the white flowers being pushed by young leaves to just the tips of the branches. Although you can’t see it, the lawn was strewn with fallen petals. The dog had them stuck to her nose and her hair was full of them as her wagging tail swept the sidewalk.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Glasgow, have a wander around Kelvingrove. The Gallery and Museum underwent a massive refurbishment which was completed in 2006. To describe the Spanish Baroque styled building as ‘impressive’ is an understatement. And, as their website proudly points out, the Museum has 22 themed galleries displaying over 8,000 objects including: Dutch Old Masters and French Impressionists, Scottish Arts, Salvador Dali’s Christ of St John on the Cross, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style, Natural History, Arms and Armour, Ancient Egypt, Scottish History and Archaeology, and World Cultures.

One of my favorite times to visit is during the midday hours when there is an organ recital. There’s nothing like hearing that instrument come to life in those cavernous halls. I understand that they have a special Alastair Gray exhibition on from now until 22 February 2015 which would be wonderful to see: From the Personal to the Universal.

When you’re finished at the Museum you’re just a short walk from one of my favorite hideouts in Glasgow, The Two Figs. Please have the lunch portion of the mee goreng noodles for me if you go. (Alright, have whatever you wish but the noodles are delicious.) Then you might as well head up Byres Road for whatever sorts of mischief you fancy whether that be a bit of vintage/antique shopping or pints/shots at a pub. Ashton Lane will keep you busy for either of those things, really. Not to mention you can get a pint and watch a movie at my favorite cinema – The Grosvenor.

Hope to write more on each of these things at another time. Glasgow, though… get yourself there.


Dr Amy Burns holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow and is the Managing Editor of Mulberry Fork Review. She recently completed a novel and is represented by Lucy Luck @ Aitken Alexander. Visit Amy on Twitter: @Amy_E_Burns.

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