Galveston Do You Read Me? I Said, Big Popcorn!

I went to Galveston, Texas with my sister this weekend. We stayed at the Hotel Galvez which is a beautiful, historic building on the seawall. Built in 1911, the Hotel Galvez is a blend of Mission Revival and Spanish Revival that has hosted the likes of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, General Douglas MacArthur, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, and Howard Hughes. Apparently no famous women have ever stayed, at least none that they’ll admit to.

The Hotel Galvez is haunted or, so they say. There’s supposed to be a ‘Ghost Bride’ in room 501 and throughout the fifth floor. We stayed in room 503 and saw no evidence of her. I even downloaded a 99¢ app from iTunes that promised to pic up all paranormal activity. Why wouldn’t I have all the faith in the world that a 99¢ app, created by some fourteen-year-old in his bedroom, would accurately and honestly reveal paranormal activity? Exactly. So I walked around the room for a while with my iPhone outstretched, begging the spirits to communicate with me but the only two words that came from the ether were ‘big’ and ‘popcorn’. More words may have come from the ether if we’d been willing to extend our disbelief just a little longer but we turned it off and decided to order room service.

If it turns out that the key to the great beyond, or maybe even the meaning of life, is Big Popcorn – may I forever be known as the poor bastard who ignored the message.

The weekend was basically a humid eat, sleep, shopfest. And I ain’t complaining. We had a great time. It ended with a couple of skull sticker books, a Humpty Dumpty Christmas Ornament, and a bag of Maple Nut Goodies. Anything that ends with a bag of Maple Nut Goodies can’t be all bad.

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