Gibberish From My Notebook: Two

I keep a notebook with me much of the time. The notebook is for writing down ideas or words or sentences or kernels or situations or conversations – anything that has sparked a moment of creativity or answered some question regarding an ongoing work. The notebook is both literal and metaphorical in that I do have a bound collection of dried pulp-ish, lined paper upon which I write with a Pilot Precise V5 pen but I might also peck out notes on my phone or speak notes into my phone’s voice recorder or send myself emails or scribble things down on recycled napkins or the backs of business cards or grocery store receipts. Sometimes when I look back on these notes I find them interesting but barely decipherable. This is one example:

But instead, she twisted her hair into a knot and fixed it in place with a silver fork. She slipped her hand under the bed and produced a little tin bird from beneath the mattress. She wound the little tin bird and set it hopping on the wooden floor. While I listened, she dressed.Amy Burns